East Bali Watershed Initiative

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Aaron Killgore feels fortunate to have worked with research and conservation projects on 5 continents.  Recently advocating for new Wilderness Areas along the John Day River in Eastern Oregon has provided him with the inspiration to continue this work in some of the poorest communities in Asia, with some of the highest conservation gains on the planet.  He'll also try to hike, dive, sail, and scooter his way around these amazing forests and coastlines when there's a bit of spare time.


Intan Sunarmi was raised in a farming community near the slopes of Mt. Pegunungan in East Java.  Her upbringing has inspired her to work in conservation community outreach. Having a belief that education and motivation are the keys to success, Intan is passionate about working with local communities to develop the values of keeping the natural environment conserved and helping people improve their incomes through a sustainable business practices. Intan loves to spend her spare time reading about culture and psychology, as well as gardening, trecking and exploring the island.
Aaron Killgore

Intan A. Sunarmi