East Bali Watershed Initiative

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Towards a thriving, sustainable watershed


Indonesia possesses incredible biodiversity and natural resources that face equally incredible pressures from development. One of the main conservation challenges is how to provide employment and improve lives without irreparably damaging the rich natural resources and its biological diversity. Even in Bali, which has a well-developed tourism economy, the poverty levels are still high for much of the community just 2 hours from the Capital. Improving access to education and a more diverse economic development can assist in empowering people towards sustainable natural resource management.

The Mission

Facing the given challenges, East Bali Watershed Initiative is committed to protect, restore, educate and support environmentally sustainable economic development in East Bali

We seek to:

  • Monitor and restore protected government forests on Mt Agung and Mt. Abang,
  • Establish a Marine Protected Area in Tulamben, and 
  • Develop a more resilient and sustainable agricultural and tourist-based economy throughout the watershed.

Our Work

We engage and cultivate village-based leadership to promote, coordinate and carry-out conservation and sustainable agriculture projects.  Every village has a different vision and need and so the projects require diverse expertise, from larger scale Marine Protected Area campaigns to educating and encouraging schoolchildren how to set up nature trails in their villages.  Our partnerships with local NGO’s and business have resulted in sustainable agriculture, eco-tourism and restoration projects, as well as the collaboration in a regional marine conservation effort that will result in the designation of three new Marine Protected Areas.


  • East Bali Cashews

    Together with East Bali Cashews and local farmers, we are establishing a sustainable agriculture program to improve yields, decrease pesticides and fertilizers, and develop the economy.

    More about East Bali Cashews: http://eastbalicashews.com/

  • Conservation International

    East Bali Watershed Initiative is working together with Conservation International, Coral Reef Indonesia and Reef Check to establish Marine Protected Areas in East Bali including Kubu, Tulamben, Candidasa, and Amed.

    More about CI: http://www.conservation.org/global/indonesia/Pages/partnerlanding.aspx

    News about Bali Marine Protected Area: http://www.thejakartapost.com/bali-daily/2013-02-05/nine-areas-designated-marine-protection.html

  • Coral Reef Alliance

    More about Coral Reef: http://www.coral.org/what_we_do

  • Reef check Indonesia

More about Reef Check: http://reefcheck.or.id/

Tulamben, bali
                  East Bali